Monday, August 16, 2010

SCRAPtivity #11

RETREAT is only about 1 month away! YeeHaw! It is coming quickly. You can tell by the mess our scrap areas (whole house!) that Teresa and I are working on fun kit projects for the upcoming retreat! As I looked around for inspiration today for this SCRAPtivity, I CAN'T SEE ANYTHING BUT MESS! So, even though you are probably not in as much mess as I am in,(at least I hope not!)today's scraptivity is all about a good, thorough clean. One of the hardest things for me to do is STOP and organize. But, once done, creativity can return and have a place to sit down!

Something that I need to beware of when I clean is mixing up different projects. Again this is where those 2 gallon ziplocks come in handy. Keep each project in its own baggie and resuming the project will be a breeze.

Now, set your timer for say - 15 minutes and clean!

Would love to hear back from you - let me know any tips you have.

Have a creative and productive week!


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