Monday, August 30, 2010

SCRAPtivity #12

Sorry about no SCRAPtivity last week. But, this week is a fun one for the retreat.

For a fun SCRAPtivity at the retreat, we will host a Gift Tag exchange. This will be in the evening on Friday. To participate, you will need to bring a completed gift tag with enough makings to create 34 more. That evening, we each will create our 34 tags and then exchange them with each other. When the exchange is through you will have 35 different gift tags (that includes your original). We suggest having the tag, ribbon and other embellishments cut and ready for assembly. (Look online for fun gift tag ideas.)

This will be a fun event to be part of, so get your thinking caps on.

Next week watch for a posting with suggested tools and supplies to bring. And ----- midweek, this week, watch for retreat kits to be posted for purchase.

Till then

Pat and Teresa

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