Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Another Christmas Workshop Class

I have included a couple more pictures of the tall wood Santa holding a chalkboard. This will give you a couple of closeups to view. The color is not turning out well but the face color is the same as the elf in a box. The Elf in a Box will be another class that will be a bit more difficult. You will need to be a bit flexible because I am having difficulty finding enough good boxes that are all the same size, which means the sizes will vary. Also, because I have molded the head out of a paper mache material over a styrofoam ball, this might be frustrating for those who are perfectionists. I will help everyone with the shaping of the ears, nose and cheeks but you need to be aware that they will not all look the same. This is your chance to show some of your artistic abilities!!! I will sew the hats a head of time (ha,ha, a head!!!) so after you have shaped the head the rest is pretty easy. We will Mod Podge paper onto the box (I have plenty of the same paper) and score the collars. The rest will be gluing and piecing. This is NOT a working elf in the box. The saying on the front of the box will differ for each person, but you will be able to choose the rub on you would like to use. The cost will be $25.00. (If I can find the boxes cheaper or use coupons, I could lower the price to $20 but so far I haven't had much luck.) Teresa will be the teacher.

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  1. Love, love, love these elf boxes!!! I wish I were coming to your retreat and could make such darling Christmas decorations!! My grandkids would love the standing Santa! Maybe next year I will be there!