Tuesday, July 20, 2010

SCRAPtivity #7

A Rainbow of Embellishments!

Red and yellow and pink and green, purple and orange and blue! So many embellishments and so many colors. It seems logical to organize all these awesome embellishments by type: flowers, brads, clips, etc. This used to be the way I organized. When I needed an embellishment, I would have to search through every type. What I noticed is usually I knew what color I needed, just not what I wanted. So, color organization seemed much easier - and it is.

Use jars, containers - anything clear makes it much easier. Make labels with the color on it if it's not evident what color is inside. Sorting everything took a bit of time (Lynn came and organized my scrapbook room - embellishments took the longest!) But, when organized finding the perfect embellishment for a project is soooo much easier.

Challenge this week is to set up an embellishment system - or at least think about what would work best for you. Try it - you'll like it!

Until Next Week - be scrappy! Pat

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  1. Pat, I'm inspired by your posts and finally made some more desk space for the typical double-page layouts I work on, by putting up two shelves from Ikea - a total cost of about $11. Now I have more space and am so excited that I even made progress on Jordan's scrapbook. He comes home from Uruguay in 11 weeks and I only have his album done through the MTC! Wish me luck! - Dorene