Monday, July 26, 2010

SCRAPtivity #8

SCRAPtivity #6 was all about journaling. It is so important, that here is a sequel. In #6 we talked about why we don’t journal. Numbers 5 and 8 discussed the predicament of where to place journaling on your pages. This week looks at types of journaling and creative ways to fit journaling on your pages.

Photo Journaling:

This type of journaling is most effective when placed directly under a photo. Use this form of journaling when the subject/subjects need explanation. Creative Placement: If space is an issue, create a photo card. Layout your page, including the photos, making guide marks for the placement of the matted photo. For the photo matting, create a folded card that will give the photo ample matting. Place your journaling inside the card and apply adhesive to the back of the card. Insert the page into the sheet protector without the photo card. With a craft knife, make a slit along the top edge of the guides for the photo placement. Slide the card through the slit in the page protector and press to the main page when aligned with the guide marks. (This works well with folded programs and announcements that have information inside that you would like have viewed on your page.)

Story Telling:

This type of journaling can be effective with any page. Every picture has a story. Now, whether the story is interesting enough to tell will be up to you. Storytelling can be lengthy, so be creative in where you put it. If you only have one photo, your story can have a great deal of space. If room is an issue, here is an idea. Creative Placement: A border or a title flap can five you a good amount of space to journal on. Create a border or title for your page on a separate piece of cardstock. Attach it to your main page using paper strip hinges or “bind” the flap to the page using patterned paper. Adhere your story on the underside of the flap. The easiest edge of your paper to use is the top where the sheet protector opening is. But, if you want it on the side or the bottom, make slits in the page protector and adhere the hinges to the back of your page.

Other types of journaling to consider:

Point of view

If you are having trouble remembering or want a different way to journal try this. Contact the subjects of the photosa and get their remembrances of that time. You can write the journal as quotes from them or from a third person perspective.


Some subjects are good for list journaling. Use lists to journal likes and dislikes, accomplishments, travels, favorites, etc.


At times, we are at a loss for what to say. Let a poem say it. Check online and at your library for poetry that might fill the journaling spaces.


This can be a great page. Add a recipe fro the Family Reunion or Christmas feast. If the recipe is a family tradition, try to get a handwritten copy of it.

Daily Journal

If you are scrapbooking an event that has several pages over several days, journal a bit of the happenings for each day.

Now, get your pencil and some paper and journal – before the memories slip away!

Check out this blog that has some journaling ideas also.

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