Monday, June 21, 2010

SCRAPtivity #4

Summer is finally here! Let the mad rumpus begin! Is that what it's like at your house? I hope it's more like the lazy days of summer. Either way, there are memories out there that need a home - on paper - not just in your head. Cause you know, every minute, they get less vivid.

So, this weeks SCRAPtivity is to create 5 page kits using the SCRAP method. That works out to one a day (sorta). Print your photos, find some paper and embellishment, write some journaling and put it in a bag or sheet protector. Now, how easy is that?

One last tip - I think most of you know that I am trying to slim down. I had this great idea that whenever I hear the siren call of food, SCRAP! Create a kit instead of creating pounds! It is worth a try.

Now, go get 'um, tiger! Pat

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