Monday, June 14, 2010

SCRAPtivity #3

Hi Everybody! If you are in Utah – there is a bit of blue sky today! Let us hope it lasts!

Just a quick note about last weeks SCRAPtivity – Organize your space. Debbie, an awesome blog follower gave us a link to a very neat blog – - all about organizing your space. Check it out! (Thanks Debbie!)

This weeks SCRAPtivity begins with a riddle. What is sometimes big and often times small, comes in every color of the rainbow, and is everywhere, but can’t be found when you need it?

If you guessed paper scraps – BINGO! All the scraps from our projects can be a real headache. Many times a new sheet of paper is cut into to mat a picture or create a small embellishment. Meanwhile, in the mountain of our scraps, a piece that would work nicely just sits there.

So, this weeks SCRAPtivity is to “Hug a Tree”! Make a scrap file and organize and USE your small pieces of leftover paper.

Try a file container, like an accordion file, portable file box, file folders, large ziplock bags for each color family, standard size binder with heavy duty page protectors.

Divide your file into color sections. There are countless ways you can divide your file:

Warm Colors Light – pink, yellow, peach, etc

Warm Colors Dark – red, rust, orange, brown, etc

Warm Color Prints

Follow this idea with Cool Colors and Neutral papers

Once your have all the sections labeled, start sorting. If you have 12” papers with a chunk out of it, trim it to fit your filing system, leaving one of the 12” sides intact for a border project.

Place small scraps into a ziplock bag. These will be handy to grab when you crop away from home.

Once your file is started, keep your scraps filed. You will be amazed how many times you will find just the perfect small piece that you need, saving the full sheets for the larger projects.

We hope that these SCRAPtivities are inspiring you to organize. If you are having success, please leave comments and let us know what you are doing.

Have a great week!

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