Monday, June 28, 2010

SCRAPtivity #5

Howdy! Here is another riddle for you. What is flat, cannot stand on its own, but is the foundation for scrapbooks?

The answer is solid color cardstock. If there is one thing that a scrapper should have on hand, it is a good selection of cardstock.

This weeks SCRAPtivity is to organize and take stock of the cardstock you have on hand.

First, you need to decide what space you have and how you will organize your paper. Here are some ideas: *Paper organizers – there are some great paper organizers on the market. Check with your local scrapbook or hobby store and look on line to see what is available. *Plastic bins and drawers – Iris makes 12x12 drawers with opaque plastic drawers. *Filing system – Cropper hopper makes a filing system and check this out *Custom storage – If you have a handy hubby or dad, show and tell him your requirements, and he can create a great system. *Wire racks like the stores have are great, but can be pricey. Check out these ideas

Divide your papers into categories. Use the same categories that were suggested in SCRAPtivity #3. Or, if your space allows, create areas of each color.

After organizing and taking stock of what you have, make a list of what you need. Take that list with you when shopping – it will keep you focused.

Happy Scrappin’ till next week! PS. I found this awesome site by Bazzill Cardstock. Choose your paper manufacturer and a screen comes up with all their paper and what cardstock will match! Very helpful for making that shopping list!

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  1. Thanks for all your good ideas! I have another great website for you both. It is It has great organizers for ribbon, inkpads, stamp sets and other small items. Have a great day!