Friday, January 11, 2013


You know, it seems like 2013 has been around awhile, doesn't it? But it is only 11 days old - hardly long enough to forget those resolutions! (What? I don't remember making any resolutions!) One of mine should be to update this blog more often. And, I will strive to do so.

So, starting now, let's update! April Retreat is coming fast and furious - 18th through the 21st. We are FULL to the brim! We have tried to accommodate all who have contacted us so far. This will be the largest groups that we have had. (Now, don't roll your eyes. If it were you that wanted to be included you would want us to find space!) We will be using the upper and lower level of the clubhouse - as much space as they will give us.

Lynn, will be creating her primo meals - with cruise ship dining - sorta. And, of course Teresa and I will be working on some kits and fun for all. Also, we will have our massage therapists, pedicurist and we will have a farewell screening of The Twilight Saga - Breaking Dawn, Part 2.

Since this will be a 1/2 table crop and additional space will be virtually nil, we will be doing the organization contest. There will be a grand prize awarded to the attendee who brings the least amount of "stuff" into the clubhouse. That means your car can be loaded, but just not your work space. We know this is a drag, but really, you can get so much more done with organization. We will be sending out a list of the contest fine points the first part of April.

All rightee then, go get 2013 and make some memories!


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