Monday, August 15, 2011

September Retreat 2011!!!

It is around the corner and we are so excited!!! Only 38 days count down till relaxation!! Watch for more post regarding exclusive kits and projects for the retreat. Also, information will be coming regarding Massages and Facials! Lynn will be in attendance to create tasty food for all of us. YUMMMM! Also, Teresa and I are creating classes once again for Heartland Paper (who will be giving us a discount coupon just prior to the retreat! Yeah Donna!) Once again, most of the classes are available as kits that you can order and we will deliver to you at the retreat. Check out the offerings here . You can order online and pay with paypal. Please put a note on your order that you would like the kit delivered to the retreat. Also, most of you know the routine - Get ORGANIZED so you can CREATE! We still have the SCRAP system posted at the top of the blog. Take a moment to refresh your memory. We look forward to our time with all of you. Pat and Teresa

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  1. Ummm......yeah. So what are the dates for the retreat again? I've totally forgotten.