Sunday, July 11, 2010

Lynn Says "HI"!

Hello Everyone! First, apologies for not having a scraptivity post last Monday. Hopefully your day was spent much the same as ours - celebrating the 4th with family and friends.

Last week gave me the opportunity to spend time with Lynn (our illustrious CHEF for the retreats) in Dallas. Many of you know the transformation in Lynn from our first retreat in September 2009 and our April 2010. She lost 60 lb. during that interim! Well, seeing her inspired me and others (who shall remain un-named at this point!) to do likewise. I have lost 35lbs since May 1 and I could not be more excited. There is more to go, but I can do it! The program Lynn introduced me to is so awesome - that I decided I would become a Health Coach and learn more and help more!

Second, there will be a SCRAPtivity post tomorrow - so get ready! Also, if you are attending the Retreat, Heartland Paper has some awesome classes for this quarter. If you would like, you can order kits and Teresa and I will bring them to you at the retreat to complete there. Check out the website for details . Call the store and pay for you kit and just let them know you want it for the retreat. (If you have already ordered classes or kits, Teresa and I will check with you to see if you want them for the retreat.)

Till Tomorrow Pat

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