Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Count Down to Retreat!!!

Twenty-three days! Count them 23! Are you ready? (If you are not coming - why not?) Hope you are all getting your SCRAP kits together. Check it out on the top bar of the blog. Also, the first posting for Retreat extras is there. Take a look and order if you like. Of course, there will be some extras at the retreat, but if you want it, need it, like it -- order now.

Lynn is flying in to feed us, the condos are waiting for us and we have some fun planned for all. We can't wait to see all of you again. Now, if the weather will just cooperate and GET WARM! (I remember driving in the rain last year. My fingers are crossed for warm and sunny!) OOoohhh! We will get to have a Twilight Night - Eclipse! Any questions or comments - let us know. Pat (and Teresa, and Lynn and Tya!)

PS. If you are not coming to the April retreat- there is space in September! And, you may order kits from the retreat. Delivery will be first part of May.

Thx P

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