Monday, September 6, 2010

Good Monday Morning!!

What a beautiful day today! What a great week to get much accomplished! We have 17 days until the September 2010 Scrapbook Retreat and 20 days until the Christmas Craft Workshop!!! The contents of this blog is for our Retreat Attendees. (Workshop ladies - your blog post is coming later this week.)

Last week we posted about doing a gift tag exchange at the retreat. If you would like to participate,(and we hope you will!) create your gift tag and assemble what you need to create 34 more just like it. You can be as prepared as you like; cut paper to size, cut ribbon, punch out details, etc. All those participating will get together at the retreat and create our tags. Then, we will exchange our finished tags and each of us will have 35 different tags. I have created mine and have bagged up the makings. I plan to do the prep work at the retreat.

Announcing the Grand Prize for the Patreska Papers September 2010 Organization Contest!

The Grand Prize is worth over $100. You can win this stocked Making Memories Organizing Turntable loaded with goodies! To win this grand prize, you will need to have the most organized workspace in the clubhouse. We have been giving you tips and SCRAPtivities all summer to get you ready. The attendee who comes most prepared will win! So, go back over the SCRAPtivities in older posts and use these next two weeks to get organized and prepared to get MUCH done!

Last week we posted about Extras that are offered for this Retreat. We suggest that if you are interested in any of the kits or massages that you purchase them as soon as possible. There maybe extras available at the retreat. Maybe. And the massages - we need to schedule the Therapists time - so purchase your massage today. Pat and Teresa

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